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Welcome back, 2017! How are Teachers Like Apples?

Well! That was a hiatus that I had not intended, but my writing and publishing has ramped up over the past couple of years and projects have monopolized my time.  Check out my publication for and about writers and artists… Continue Reading →

The Writing Life – Online Resources for Teachers Who Write with Their Students

Wow!  The Write Stuff – Virginia is a year old this month, and man did that year fly?  I’m looking forward to bringing you more fresh voices on writing from Virginia’s finest classrooms, but to start this year – a… Continue Reading →

Tom Conway – It Starts with a Slam

 “It seemed without fail that if I put the kids together to write, it worked out better than I ever imagined.” One of the major challenges for teachers of writing has always been finding ways to stimulate student buy-in during the writing… Continue Reading →

Jennelle Martin – Freeing the Writer Within

“Middle school is the time for students to take what they learned in elementary school and develop it into coherent thoughts for communication.  It’s the time to develop their own writing voice.”   As teachers under pressure from mandates and… Continue Reading →

Ellen Smith Alden – Writing: The Human Record

If you’re going to contribute something, then you have to be able to write it. Writing is the record of human life, so what we are recording means something.  Maybe in a hundred years they won’t get it, but at… Continue Reading →

Will Mackintosh – Linking Thinking, Speaking, and Writing

Writing and thinking are not distinct processes.  You don’t really know what you think until you put it down on the page and enforce some kind of discipline and organization upon it.  I stress writing as a means of organizing… Continue Reading →

John Stewart – The Value of Writing for Freedom of Expression

“There’s something quite beautiful about having some writing be in a very public eye, while other writing may be fixed and made into a spectacle on the wall, but there’s also something about writing that you give way and do… Continue Reading →

Haley Hendershot – Student Blogging as Authentic Writing Practice

“The most important writing philosophy I’ve developed over the past couple of years is that it has to be authentic writing.  If it’s something students know others are reading, or if they write something that could actually make a change… Continue Reading →

Robin Simmons – Taming the Blank Page

“First and foremost, I want writing to be something that my students aren’t afraid of, which is very difficult at the middle school level because writing is very hard.  It’s my goal to encourage strengths first before we review their… Continue Reading →

Dr. Paul M. Rogers – Writing to Learn and Learning to Write: The Reciprocal Nature of Writing in the Content Areas

“In our efforts to help students learn, I think we are often overlooking something that’s easy to implement, which is to use writing as a way to reinforce and foster the learning of content knowledge.  The idea that good writing… Continue Reading →

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